When you keep a plant in a pot, it will grow to the size the pot can hold. When you plant it in mother nature, it’s growth is unlimited.

Your passion encourages people to be excited about what you are passionate about. It’s like you have cause them to have that passion take root in their spirit. When they do, they will be independent in further growing that passion. When that happens, it can last the whole lifetime.

Un-learn everything you ever know. Instead of learning from a position of the lack of knowledge, learn from the place that as a self-discovering creator of the particular field that you are passionate about. Creation of a field is always more enriching and allows an accelerated pace of learning because the need for application allows you to seek for relevancy and this appoints new constructive knowledge and inspiration from other sources to be connected and remembered. What existing knowledge does not serve as well if it is merely absorb like the way it is. After all, you have never learn if you never use it. Never lose your instincts and curiosity that searches the answers that lies deep within. Most of the things we do is routine and automatic, it is always good to review from time to time. Jacob Barnett – “Instead of learning the field of your interest, be the field”.

Gratitude is one of the greatest gift of life

Thank you is one of the world’s most important word no matter what language you speak. I just want to thank you for reading my blog and wish each one of you a very happy, joyful and amazing day ahead 🙂

It is advertising, branding or building product? Innovation could be about solving a problem but it could also be about creating a product that speaks the essence of the brand. It is about branding or business? Or it is about advertising? Whatever it is, dismantling that structures of tackling some solutions, somehow we could create some needs as well. This makes me a happy shopper of Uniqlo. Loved the way they build the brand, it feels like an ownership to the brand itself. It is about U? Or is it about Me? U-T-ME!

Do we really believe in the product we sell? Joe Ades (1934–2009) was a well-known street potato peeler in NYC and is hell of a great salesman. Joes Ades understand the product well, and demonstrates it uses in new, creative ways in a witty yet honest manner. “Don’t buy because it is cheap” he proclaims, buy it is because it works and it is good. As simple as that. He not only he sells what he believe, he believe in what he sells. Believe in the product that we are about to sell, and understand why would it truly benefit us more than other brands. Give the product a chance to speak for itself by putting yourself in shoes of a consumer and find the pride using it. Want to sell something? First, convince ourselves^^

These kids answers the questions in their test sheets in an irrelevant and inappropriate way. We know that these are not the answers that teachers will expect, and can’t consider it being correct. However, these kids does demonstrate a different treatment to standards that might provide a different perspective. Applying this scenario to the advertising industry, or even in various industries, would you answer the brief smartly and diligently by fulfilling all the check boxes, criteria and requirements or would you disregard the idealistic part of brief and tackle in a way that wasn’t commonly expected and accepted. Well, if you choose the side to answer the way that is expected of you, perhaps you will do just fine. But if you choose to do the stupid way, a way that even your strategy teams and clients are not fully supportive of, you unveil true creativity, and with a little luck, your target audiences may be a lot more interested than the ads they see everyday. Tough choice, but maybe worth a thought. View more brilliant answers by genius/dumb kids:

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